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The information below reflects the 2021 season including dates and various time frames.

1.   PRACTICE…Teams can practice on dates set by WMJFL.  You can expect 2-3 practices each week, usually on weeknights.  Communities are allowed to begin practicing the week of August 9.  Players are required to have 3 days of practice without pads before being allowed to participate in full contact practices and games.  Also, before Labor Day, teams are allowed no more than three practices featuring full contact.  After Labor Day, teams will then only be allowed no more than two days of full player-to-player contact practice not to exceed 90 minutes per week of contact.  This is an MHSAA rule strongly supported by the WMJFL.

2.   SCRIMMAGE SATURDAY…August 28, 2021.  Locations and times will be determined by each community.

3.   2021 SEASON…Games will be played on Saturdays beginning September 11, 2021, and will feature six weeks of play.  The first four weeks will featured scheduled games.  Two (2) additional games will be scheduled for Weeks 5 & 6 (October 9 and 16) against an opponent with a comparable record.  A seventh week may be scheduled for teams that had a bye during the regular season (October 23).

4.   BYE GAMES…If there are an odd number of teams in the league, teams may have a bye during a given week.  A seventh week will be scheduled to accommodate those teams that have byes during the season.  In short, no weekday games will be needed.

5.   MAKE UP GAMES…Make up games will be scheduled by each community director if teams, times, and fields are available due to unexpected cancellations for Saturday games in place of Week #7.

6.   FIELD PREPARATION…Each organizing department prepares the fields at their respective locations.  Please be respectful at each location and do your part in taking home whatever you have brought. 

7.   TRASH/SEEDS/PEANUT SHELLS…Trash must be placed in the proper receptacles that are provided.  Due to various maintenance issues…Seeds and Peanut Shells are no longer allowed on the field or sidelines, period!

8.   EQUIPMENT NEEDS…Some communities may have player equipment available for those who are in need and cannot afford it.  Please contact your local league director.

9.   REFEREES…Referees shall be a minimum of 11th grade students participating on the varsity football team.  The head official shall wear a white hat, be at least 21 years of age, be an M.H.S.A.A. certified official and must be wearing an updated M.H.S.A.A. patch that is visible.  It is recommended that at least four (4) officials be used at all games.  If less than 4 officials are available to work then 2 of the officials on the field must be certified.

10. GAME DELAYS…Prior to the start of the game, the Field Director makes all decisions regarding suitability of the fields for play.  Once the game has started, the head referee and the Field Director will make the decisions regarding the delays and cancellations.

11. RAIN OUTS/CANCELLATIONS/HOTLINES…Incomplete games cancelled for any reasons will be attempted to be made up.  Any team, which cannot make the reschedule time, will forfeit the game. Check the WMJFL web site for specific “Hotline” options (in case of possible cancellations) by clicking the “Links” tab.

12. INJURIES…Injuries that occur during the games are to be reported by one of the coaches to their respective local league director.  Each community should already have a concussion protocol in place.

13. SCORE REPORTSCoaches/Field Directors…please report your scores to your community director, ASAP.  Your community director will then submit them to Darrin Duistermars ([email protected]) and Amanda Klomparens ([email protected]) to be recorded and updated on the web site.

14. EQUIPMENT REQUIREDPlayers are required to provide:
- Football pants with knee and thigh pads, hip and tailbone pads or
- A girdle with hip and tailbone pads with football pants.
- Helmet with chinstrap.
- Shoulder Pads.
- Football cleats or tennis shoes.
- Mouthpiece attached to helmet

- Players must wear full uniforms during games. 
- No jewelry is allowed except for medical reasons. 
- Players will be weighed in each game with FULL uniform and equipment. 
- All home teams must be prepared to supply helmet caps or pennies to the visitors if playing a similar color visitor team.
- Teams must have extra uniforms available in case of a player having blood on any part of their uniform.  The player must change uniforms immediately.
- Make sure all equipment is correct, properly worn (helmets, mouth guards, shoulder pads, etc.) and that you have additional parts available if repairs are needed on site.  Extra jerseys and pants should be considered, also. 

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