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All Coaches

All Coaches are required to read and adhere to the following “Commitment to Coaching”.

“As a coach of a WMJFL team, I understand I am committed to all of the following:

  • Attend all meetings setup by your community’s directors
  • Have a working knowledge of the rules, which pertain to the division you are coaching
  • Organize and conduct regularly scheduled practices
  • Assure that each player is in full uniform for each game
  • Communicate with players and parents your practice schedule and expectations as a coach and make yourself available to each player and parent to address any concerns they might have regarding your team
  • Arrive at each game at least one hour before it starts in order to get players warmed up and ready for weigh-in
  • Insure a safe practice environment.  Keep medical emergency forms and first aid kit available at practices and games.

The purpose of the football coaching commitment is to increase the quality of each player’s football experience.  As in everything else, the more you put into the coaching, the better coach you will become.  Coaching is a wonderful opportunity to have a positive impact on your child and their friends.  Thank you for volunteering and good luck this season.


Please speak with your football players to make sure each player understands and abides by the following expectations:

Players are expected to:

  • Participate in team practices, scrimmages, games and tournament games.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Bring necessary equipment.
  • Pay attention to and follow directions of the coaches of your team.
  • Learn and follow the rules of the game.
  • Try their best at all times.
  • Learn from your mistakes.

Players should also:

  • Spend time at home playing catch, kicking and other tasks which use and improve football skills.

WMJFL suggests the following priorities:

  • Family
  • School and Church
  • Sports team and School activities
  • Other recreation activities                                                                              

Expected Behavior: As a player, I will make every effort to:

  • Follow the discipline rules developed by the coach
  • Hustle on and off the field
  • Stay with my teammates on the sidelines during games
  • Cheer on and support my teammates
  • Obey the referees on the field
  • Maintain my cool when I make a mistake
  • Be a good sport at all times
  • Show respect for the referees, other players, spectators and coaches
  • Win or lose gracefully
  • Develop self-control
  • Take responsibility for myself
  • Learn from losing as well as from winning
  • Show respect for the equipment and fields provided for my use
  • Wear and maintain my uniform with pride
  • You will be a role model showing positive participation and will help the quality of the team


What makes the difference in your child’s football experience starts at home.  The WMJFL, like all extra-curricular events, is not about finding an after-hour’s baby-sitting service.  The values of teamwork (developing a sense of working together toward a common goal) and sportsmanship (learning to perform with grace while being challenged) start and end when they see and hear good examples from their families and the closest people to them in their lives.  If we work together, the WMJFL can provide a child with a learning experience while playing at the same time.  For example…

  • Be a positive role model at home and at games.  Support them whether the player or the team succeeds or fails.  Don’t criticize the coach, players or other parents.  Model for them the best ways to accomplish teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Make sure that your players and teammate get to practice and games, all the time and on time
  • Play football with them.  That’s the surest way to help them improve as a player and it’s QUALITY time
  • Help the team organization.  Share the burden of sending messages or calling players and parents when it needs to be done even the scheduling of the after game “treats”
  • Ask the coach if he could use more help at practices
  • Volunteer your time, your skills and your resources to make sure we have enough people to fill all of the jobs that need to get done
  • Provide creative suggestions for improvement – don’t just complain.  We are constantly looking for new solutions and for people to help improve our league.  If you notice a weakness, there are usually others who do as well.  If it hasn’t been addressed, ask how you can help to address it.  Remember…If you aren’t part of the solution, you may be part of the problem
  • Bring your concerns to the right people.  If you have questions or concerns, don’t wait.  Bring it to the director of your league, IMMEDIATELY.  We (players, parents, coaches, referees and league organizers) are all interested in the quality of the experience for the teams, family and fans, not just the quality of play on the field
  • Voice your concerns in the right way.  Yelling not only raises tension for the team but also sets a poor example for your child.  Find the right time and place to have an intelligent discussion.  Behavior that affects the play, the integrity, or anyone associated with West Michigan Junior Football, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

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